The term “brand” is one that you often hear thrown about, and has been used in so many different ways that we can sometimes lose its meaning.

Originally, the word “brand” was used to indicate the mark cattle ranchers would place on their cows to differentiate them from cows belonging to other ranchers. Over time the meaning has evolved – while it has always been associated with logos and symbols that represent your company, it now also can include the underlying perceived values and truths of your organization. Or, in the most basic sense, it can be everything and anything that represents your company as well as everything and anything that people think about your company.

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Branding efforts allow businesses to differentiate themselves from their competition and gives them a leg to stand on in the minds of consumers. It attaches a personality and attitude to the product and the company that produces it. This personality is what people relate to, establishing relationships with consumers. This, in turn, encourages brand loyalty, which cements the company's future in the market. Furthermore, the establishment of brand consistency creates a platform for the company to stand on in order to get messages out to its audience.

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